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Advantech industrial motherboard series range from Mini-ITX Motherboard, Micro ATX to ATX form factor boards. These industrial motherboard series are built with standard form factors which allow customers to seamlessly upgrade without compatibility concerns. Commercial motherboards typically have a short life-cycle, so Advantech industrial motherboard series: Mini-ITX motherboard, Micro ATX […]

Industrial Motherboards

Single Board Computers Advantech MI/O (Multiple I/O) Extension Single Board Computers (SBC) are strategically positioned between Single Board Computers (SBC) and Computer On Modules (COM). MI/O Extension SBCs come equipped with flexible multiple I/O that help deliver faster development schedules with less resources, in an efficient and cost-effective way. MI/O […]

Single Board Computers & MI/O Extension

Advantech Computer On Module series include: COM-Express Basic, COM-Express Compact, COM-Express Mini, ETX, and Qseven, all Design-In Services support in various small form factors while supporting CPUs ranging from Intel 6th Gen and ATOM. Advanced design-in service COM solutions: COM-Express Basic /COM-Express Compact /COM-Express Mini, ETX and Qseven. Not only […]

Computer On Modules

Advantech Industrial Portable Computers are the best mobile devices with integrated add-ons such as RFID and barcode scanner for field service, including rugged tablets and field tablets. Our rugged industrial tablet PCs are military-certified and drop resistant. Advantech rugged tablets bring high mobility and rock solid build quality to professionals […]

Industrial Portable Computers

Advantech provides a new generation of fanless embedded PCs. These fanless embedded PCs are integrated with SUSIAccess software services to become more manageable, power-saving and secure for intelligent embedded systems. This new-generation, fanless PC, embedded system family is engaged in data computing and is also highly suitable for remote monitoring […]

Fanless Embedded Box PCs

Networking & Communications – Advantech provides mission-critical hardware utilizing the industry’s latest technologies in PCIe, CPCI, AMC and ATCA form factors. Telecom and Network Equipment Providers have the ability to choose the most appropriate technology and form factors for their application and then have Advantech optimize the platform using our […]

Networking & Communications

1U Rackmount Chassis Advantech provides 1U Chassis which is ultra-compact yet extremely powerful. IPC with excellent ventilation is especially designed for space-constrained applications. We offer various cost effective 1U Chassis for Half-size/... 2U Rackmount Chassis Advantech provides 2U chassis for a variety of wallmount systems.This is compact and is a […]

Industrial Computer Rackmount Chassis

Protector Case Sensitive equipment needs protection, and since 1976 the answer has been the Pelican™ Protector Case. These cases are designed rugged, and travel the harshest environments on earth. Against the extreme cold of the arctic or the heat of battle, Pelican cases have survived. Storm Case The Pelican™ Storm […]

Rugged Enclosure Systems for Embedded

Military Rugged Computing & Displays AVDOR HELET is a provider of integrated  value added solutions for : Military Rugged Computing Storage Voice Video Embedded Computing Industrial Display Solutions Valued-added Partners for Industrial Display Solutions AVDOR HELET rugged displays are delivered as stand alone units (desktop or wall mounted) or with a […]

Military Rugged Computing & Displays