Full turnkey solutions

Full turnkey solutions

Advantech Industrial Portable Computers are the best mobile devices with integrated add-ons such as RFID and barcode scanner for field service, including rugged tablets and field tablets. Our rugged industrial tablet PCs are military-certified and drop resistant. Advantech rugged tablets bring high mobility and rock solid build quality to professionals […]

Industrial Portable Computers

Advantech provides a new generation of fanless embedded PCs. These fanless embedded PCs are integrated with SUSIAccess software services to become more manageable, power-saving and secure for intelligent embedded systems. This new-generation, fanless PC, embedded system family is engaged in data computing and is also highly suitable for remote monitoring […]

Fanless Embedded Box PCs

Networking & Communications – Advantech provides mission-critical hardware utilizing the industry’s latest technologies in PCIe, CPCI, AMC and ATCA form factors. Telecom and Network Equipment Providers have the ability to choose the most appropriate technology and form factors for their application and then have Advantech optimize the platform using our […]

Networking & Communications