Avdor-Helet - Test & Measurement
Avdor-Helet - Test & Measurement
Avdor-Helet - Test & Measurement
Looking to simplify terminal block ID?

1,400 terminal block makes and models. One solution.
Introducing the BradyJet J1000 Industrial Printer!

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Easily monitor temperatures

RFID Temperature Labels enable wireless temperature reading and monitoring for a wide range of devices, equipment, machines, racks, cables and structures. The flexible, temperature sensing smart labels can be applied to almost any surface to support informed proactive decision making.

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The New Damper
Shock Temperature
Shock Test Chamber
ShockEvent D

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Data acquisition, or DAQ as it is often referred, is the process of digitizing data from the world around us so it can be displayed, analyzed, and stored in a computer. A simple example is the process of measuring the temperature in a room as a digital value using a sensor such as a thermocouple. Modern data acquisition systems can include the addition of data analysis and reporting software, network connectivity, and remote control and monitoring options.

The accuracy and validity of test results need to be ensured in accordance with various quality management systems when carrying out environmental simulations. For this reason, measurement and testing equipment needs to be regularly calibrated.

Laser Welding

Amada Weld Tech offers a complete range of laser welding solutions. Laser welding is a non-contact process, which requires access to the weld zone from only one side of the parts being welded. The laser weld is formed as the intense laser light rapidly heats the material – typically calculated in milliseconds. As laser welding is a non-contact process, a great number of joint geometries can be welded.  Laser welders can join a wide range of steels, nickel alloys, titanium, aluminium, and copper. They are ideal for applications where the components would deform under mechanical pressure.

Our laser welding systems provide very high production volumes at a low cost per weld and very accurate part positioning, even after welding. Laser Welders also provide extremely high-quality seam-welds for sealing critical electronics packages, such as those used for pacemakers. The most significant requirement is that there must be a close fit at the joint interfaces.

Hot Bar Reflow Soldering & Bonding

Hot Bar Bonding, also known as Pulsed Heated Hot Bar Reflow Soldering is a selective joining process in which two solder plated parts are pressed together and heated to a temperature adequate to cause the solder to melt and flow, after which the parts are cooled to form a permanent electro-mechanical bond

Acoustic Condenser Microphones & Preamplifiers

Precision measurement microphones with the performance you demand, unbeatable prices, 24/7 support, best warranty, and fast shipment

When you need a microphone for product tests such as sound power, sound quality, noise source location, there’s no need to compromise quality and performance for a great price.

With 100% of its microphone manufacturing in-house, PCB Piezotronics provides condenser, modern prepolarized, traditional externally polarized, array, probe, low-profile surface and other specialty purpose microphones, preamplifiers and accessories.

Industrial vibration sensor calibration for the following types of vibration sensors, systems, and meters:

  • Industrial, seismic and high temp charge output accelerometers
  • 4-20 mA loop velocity vibration transmitters
  • Eddy current probes / proximity probes
  • Moving coil vibration sensors
  • Condition monitoring system, process control, DCS and SCADA
  • Portable vibration meters and analyzers
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