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Embedded Computing, COM-Express, Mini-itx, ragged PC.

Advantech has been providing both the military and aerospace markets with industrial-grade COTS building block products and services for many years. With the specific goal of simplifying new product development efforts. Advantech’s Computer-On-Module (COM) products provide the perfect foundation for new rugged product designs.

Advantech offer industrial-grade embedded single board computers in compact sizes with rugged design, high flexibility and easy expansion capabilities with full range product offering from 2.5” Pico-ITX,3.5” SBC, PC/104, and EBX.

Considered by our clients to be The Embedded Systems Authority, AVDOR-HELET has focused on embedded technology and single board computers for over 30 years. The company provides a consultative approach to embedded computing design with a combination of standard and customized solutions.

An embedded system is a computer solution dedicated to providing specific functionality as part of a larger functioning system.  Embedded refers to the tendency for the technology to be an internal component to the overall system.   Embedded systems are everywhere and installations are expanding exponentially.

Since the early 1960s when embedded systems were first defined and used in the space program, the complexities and applications of these computers have changed greatly.  Embedded systems are now integral to the cars we drive, consumer electronics, medical equipment, transportation systems, telecommunications, industrial controls, aerospace, and military applications. 

 The applications are endless as technology and innovation uncover new opportunities and demands for programmable and self regulating/reporting solutions.  While many of these applications use multiple embedded processors working in unison,  each is considered an embedded system that works independently to provide a specific function in the total solution.

The operating environments for embedded systems generally extend well beyond the operating conditions of personal computers.  Driven by the industrial equipment where they reside, embedded systems often require rugged, fanless computer hardware designed to withstand extreme conditions.  Whether the system operates outdoors, is subjected to routine shock, or requires 10 plus years of product life, fanless embedded systems are often a requirement for increasing reliability.

Now known as the Internet of Things (IoT), a large movement began in 2005 to connect embedded systems directly to the internet, expanding the ability to collect and analyze data in a way never before possible.  The concept allows information to be communicated through Ethernet, wireless, cellular technologies and other schemes so it can be analyzed on cloud-based systems allowing proactive predictive analysis.

The fundamental concept remains and many off-the-shelf solutions are available to simplify the development and integration of embedded systems.  The system hardware selection is driven by the scope of the system interfaces (I/O) including sensors, controls, connectivity and operator interface.  Many embedded systems have no operator interface and rely on simple push buttons, LEDs or a communication channel for device interaction.  Once the basic system requirements are defined, a microprocessor or microcontroller can be selected to provide the necessary performance for the task.

Though many embedded systems require custom designed solutions, many industry standard form factors are also available.  Single board computers based on industry standards such as PC/104, EBX, EPIC, Nano-ITX and 3.5-inch, and STD Bus are popular choices for industrial environments.

In parallel with the hardware selection, it is also necessary to consider the software side of the embedded system.  Many different solutions are available for operating systems and application software tools.  Proper selection may have a dramatic impact on the embedded system development cycle.

ARINC 818 video switching in real-time

Tools for High-Tech

ARINC 818 video switching in real-time TECHWAY (France) & Great River Technology (USA) have join forces to offer a wide range of ARINC 818 switches designed to simplify multi-destination and multi-source architectures. The ARINC 818 switches are built on the FPGA technology associated with optical interfaces with very high density. All the switches ensure that …

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Industrial Portable Computers

Industrial Portable Computers

Advantech Industrial Portable Computers are the best mobile devices with integrated add-ons such as RFID and barcode scanner for field service, including rugged tablets and field tablets. Our rugged industrial tablet PCs are military-certified and drop resistant. Advantech rugged tablets bring high mobility and rock solid build quality to professionals for field service. These Industrial …

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DSP Processing Platforms

DSP Processing Platforms

Advantech designs both standard and fully customized DSP-based boards in multiple form factors.These include open standard AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC and PCI Express cards, as well as several proprietary form factors. By re-using multimedia processing DSP technologies across multiple form factors, OEMs benefit from wider product choice, enabling integration into the system enclosures which best suit the …

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Network Application Platforms

Network Application Platforms

Advantech is driving innovation in network application platforms solutions with high performance computing (HPC) platforms. Advantech provides mission critical hardware to the world’s leading telecom and networking equipment manufacturers, and plays a crucial role in industrial communication. Advantech Network application platforms division designs both standard and customized products, offering x86 network appliances from tabletop to rackmount …

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Blade Computing Platforms

Blade Computing Platforms

Advantech Is driving innovation in next-generation network solutions with high performance computing (HPC) platforms (Blade Computing Platforms). It provides mission critical hardware to the world’s leading telecom and networking equipment manufacturers, and plays a crucial role in industrial communication. Our Blade Computing division with an extensive CompactPCI and growing ATCA deployed base, designs both standard …

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Fanless Embedded Box PCs

Fanless Embedded Box PCs

Advantech provides a new generation of fanless embedded PCs. These fanless embedded PCs are integrated with SUSIAccess software services to become more manageable, power-saving and secure for intelligent embedded systems. This new-generation, fanless PC, embedded system family is engaged in data computing and is also highly suitable for remote monitoring and control. Advantech’s ARK fanless …

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Networking & Communications

Networking & Communications

Networking & Communications – Advantech provides mission-critical hardware utilizing the industry’s latest technologies in PCIe, CPCI, AMC and ATCA form factors. Telecom and Network Equipment Providers have the ability to choose the most appropriate technology and form factors for their application and then have Advantech optimize the platform using our Customized COTS technologies and services. …

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