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Smart Li Ion Battery
N are available in 3.6V – 14.4V formats and have a Tyco smart battery connector interfaceP Series batteries are available in 25.2V – 28.8V formats and have a Mixed D smart battery connector Interface Find out more The Mobile Power Pack 4 is a portable rechargeable Smart Li Ion Battery power system in a Ruggedized case. It can be used […]

Smart Li Ion Battery

Inspired Energy - Smart Lithium-ion batteries
Inspired Energy standard Rechargeable Smart Lithium Ion Battery Pack are Available in both Lithium ion and Nickel Metal Hydride chemistries. Feature Built-in electronic intelligence which Provides battery monitoring, high-precision fuel gauging, Battery diagnostics and battery-to-host communications. These standard batteries are available in voltages Between 3.6V and 28.8V up to 98Wh and in seventeen different mechanical footprint.

Inspired Energy – Smart Lithium-ion batteries

Smart Li Ion Battery
AV-MPP4  Mobile Power Pack With 4 Rechargeable Smart Li Ion Battery    Features Four Rechargeable Easy-To-Use Smart SMBus Smart Li Ion Battery Optional support for RS232 Data Port Single Voltage Output: 12V, 24V, 48V 6-8 Hour Empty to Full Charge time Charging Temperature: 0C to 40C Discharge Temperature: -20C to 60C Total Capacity […]

Mobile Power Pack Smart Li Ion Battery & Chargers