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Inspired Energy standard Rechargeable Smart Lithium Ion Battery Pack are Available in both Lithium ion and Nickel Metal Hydride chemistries. Feature Built-in electronic intelligence which Provides battery monitoring, high-precision fuel gauging, Battery diagnostics and battery-to-host communications. These standard batteries are available in voltages Between 3.6V and 28.8V up to 98Wh and in seventeen different mechanical footprint.

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What is a smart battery?

A smart Battery uses electronics to communicate with it's host device in order to protect, monitor & control all aspects of it's operation. The sophisticated electronics maximize energy density and cycle life ensuring that all the cells within the pack perform at their optimum level. The electronics can also provide highly accurate and precise fuel gauging, and report critical information about the state of health of the battery.

As portable electronic devices become increasingly complex, more and more devices are relying on smart battery packs to provide accurate fuel gauging, monitoring and diagnostics. Inspired Energy is dedicated to the design and development of these battery systems to support the needs of today's portable electronic devices.

Battery Features

Impedance tracking fuel gauge
Provides accurate run-time Prediction throughout the life of the product
Electronically Programmable
Read-Only Memory (EPROM) based Fuel gauge mapping allows On-board chips to be accurately Programmed to suit the Characteristics of the cell used
Improved resistance to inrush
Current & short circuit thus Eliminating pack shutdown & reset problems
Full service backup including
Data sheets, 3D CAD models, user Notes, material safety data sheets And regulatory testing certificates
N Series batteries are available in
3.6V - 14.4V formats and have a Tyco smart battery connector interface
P Series batteries are available in
25.2V - 28.8V formats and have a Mixed D smart battery connector Interface