Mechanical Actuators

enerpacOffering precise positioning and uniform lifting speeds

Enerpac’s line of Uni-lift® mechanical actuators has set a new standard for linear motion control. Improving on the time-tested concept of converting rotary movement into linear motion, the Uni-Lift actuator series is ideal for a variety of challenging screw jack applications such as satellite dish positioning, solar panel tracking as well as moving heavy equipment.


Machine Screw Actuators

  • Enerpac machine screw actuators are self locking – No cribbing required when actuator is subjected to minimal vibration
  • Precision Rolled Acme Thread allows positioning within thousandths of an inch
  • Hardened Gear Set allows higher efficiency and longer life
  • Precision Gears allow synchronized lifting in multi-actuator systems
  • Rugged housings made of Cast Aluminum Alloy (MA models) or Ductile Iron to safely mount to a variety of structures

Capacity .25 – 250 tons Max. Travel 232 inches Max. Speed 129 in/min        




Ball Screw Actuators

  • Enerpac ball screw actuators are ideal for high speeds and continuous cycle applications
  • Ball screw design allows for reduced horsepower requirements
  • Reduced friction provides extended service life and lower operating costs
  • Integrated ball bearing design reduces operating temperatures
  • Precision screw lead offers exact positioning for multiple Actuator systems

Capacity 1 – 100 tons Max. Travel 230 inches Max. Speed 175 in/min        




Accessories     Accessories:

Mitre Gear Boxes, Limit switch Boxes, Worm Gear Reducers            

A comprehensive range of accessories are available to tailor your UNI-LIFT® system to meet your project requirements.



Environmental Conditions According to MIL STD810

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