Network Application Platforms

Advantech is driving innovation in network application platforms solutions with high performance computing (HPC) platforms. Advantech provides mission critical hardware to the world’s leading telecom and networking equipment manufacturers, and plays a crucial role in industrial communication. Advantech Network application platforms division designs both standard and customized products, offering x86 network appliances from tabletop to rackmount as well as network processor platforms with network security:

  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)

solutions for the world’s leading brands in network security.

 Network application platforms categories


  • Network application platforms

    Integrated ATCA Systems

    Advantech’s Netarium™ series of ATCA Reference systems are specifically targeted to help network equipment providers reach superior levels of performance over traditional rackmount servers or appliances to extend their product range at the high end. The series represents a new generation of systems which offer … Packetarium™ Network application platforms

  • Packetarium™ Network Platforms

    Advantech’s Packetarium™ systems are available in multiple rackmount form factors as standard and customized platforms and share common design features in order to accelerate system design and maximize hardware and software re-use. The Packetarium™ product line streamlines integration of packet processing elements along ...

  • x86-based Network application platforms

    x86-based Network Platforms

    Advantech’s FWA series offers a wide range of x86-based network appliances and server platforms built on the latest generation Intel processors, LAN access devices and Accelerator silicon. Specifically designed to meet the requirements of Network Security OEMs and Network Equipment Providers, the platforms are highly …

  • Network application Processor Platforms

    Network-Processor Platforms

    Advantech Network Computing Platforms offers a range of network processor, MIPS64 multi-core processor, network appliances targeted for high performance networking and communications applications. Designed with a modular concept, the NCP series also has customizable expansion options to fit any application needs.