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Since 1942, Weller is leading the soldering and repair stations. By choosing Weller you can rest assure that you will get the best cost/performance ratio in the market. Avdor Helet team will help you to chose the correct soldering solution for your needs Besigheim, Juni 2012 - Master soldering tasks that had once seemed impossible with the new 2-channel soldering and desoldering station WXD 2 and the new high-power desoldering iron WXPD 120. With a heating-up time of only 35 seconds, the new desoldering iron WXDP 120 raises the bar for high-performance soldering and desoldering. The digitally controlled 2-channel soldering and desoldering station WXD 2 was designed for professional repair work on state-of-the-art electronic assemblies in the industrial manufacturing, repair and laboratory sectors. New intelligent Soldering Iron with 65 Watts from Weller - Maximum performance at lowest running costs
Besigheim, November 2011 – Achieve a maximum performance with only 65 Watts! Due to this new and intelligent soldering tool WXP 65 from Weller. It is THE convenient tool for delicate soldering jobs where high temperature is required. The soldering iron WXP 65 is perfect for keeping running costs as low as possible. The new XNT soldering tips with “Fast Response“ technology are available at a fair price. The new WXP 65 (65 w) soldering iron is ideal for precision soldering work on LED backplanes, solar applications and micro soldering joints.