Weller WTBR 1000 – Benchtop Robot Seminar

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אנחנו שמחים להזמין אותך לסמינר אוטומציה מקצועי של חברת Weller


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Weller WTBR 1000 - Benchtop Robot Seminar

Gerald Gardener

Senior Applications Specialist at Weller

Weller WTBR 1000 - Benchtop Robot Seminar

Weller WTBR 1000 - Benchtop Robot Seminar


WTBR 1000 – Benchtop Robot

Learn more about the new bench­top robot sol­der­ing so­lu­tion.Weller WTBR 1000 - Benchtop Robot Seminar

Automated Soldering

Step by step il­lus­tra­tion of the sol­der­ing process.Weller WTBR 1000 - Benchtop Robot Seminar

On point, smooth-pulling solder feeder

The newly de­signed, short dis­tance feeder unit with wire pull sys­tem en­sures the high­est ac­cu­racy.Weller WTBR 1000 - Benchtop Robot Seminar

WTBR 1000 – Benchtop Robot

More than half a cen­tury of ex­pe­ri­ence in sol­der­ing and su­pe­ri­or­ity in in­no­va­tion, al­lows us to take our cus­tomers to the next step in achiev­ing pro­duc­tion ex­cel­lence. The new WTBR 1000 Bench­top Robot rep­re­sents a one-of-a-kind syn­ergy of pre­ci­sion, re­li­a­bil­ity, and pro­duc­tiv­ity of sol­der­ing tasks.

High­est sol­der­ing pre­ci­sion and su­pe­rior re­li­a­bil­ity

The WTBR 1000 is equipped with Weller‘s high per­for­mance Tech­nol­ogy Line sol­der­ing tools, en­sur­ing con­sis­tent qual­ity of sol­der joints.

The sol­der feeder is de­signed to be in close prox­im­ity to the work­piece (PCB), pulling the wire rather than push­ing it through the feeder tube.

The ro­bust and sturdy con­struc­tion en­sures that no sud­den move­ments or vi­bra­tions neg­a­tively af­fect the work­piece, the com­po­nents or the tools.

Max­i­miz­ing pro­duc­tiv­ity, low­er­ing cost

A dou­ble drawer sys­tem al­lows con­tin­u­ous pro­duc­tion thereby pro­vid­ing much higher process through­put, im­prov­ing pro­duc­tiv­ity and of­fer­ing flex­i­bil­ity.

The WTBR 1000 al­lows up to 50% cost sav­ing ver­sus hand sol­der­ing.

Easy to learn and use soft­ware

The WTBR 1000 is op­er­ated with easy to learn and use soft­ware, en­abling op­er­a­tors to start using the unit com­fort­ably and quickly.

It is easy to switch from one op­er­a­tor to an­other, with min­i­mum time lost and with­out un­nec­es­sary train­ing ex­penses.

Fully-en­closed sys­tem of­fers triple pro­tec­tion

Being a fully-en­closed sys­tem, with in­te­grated fume ex­trac­tion, the WTBR 1000 Bench­top Robot al­lows our cus­tomers to achieve the high­est level of safety: pro­tect­ing the op­er­a­tor, the work­piece (PCB) and the ma­chine.

The fully-en­closed sys­tem pro­vides a com­plete and CE-com­pli­ant so­lu­tion to the cus­tomer.

Triple Protection

More safety, less down­timeWeller WTBR 1000 - Benchtop Robot Seminar

Integrated. Easy. Customizable.

Weller WTBR 1000 - Benchtop Robot Seminar

WSW soldering wire

Ex­cel­lent melt­ing propo­er­ties for cop­per and nickelWeller WTBR 1000 - Benchtop Robot Seminar

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