Laser welding & marking – Hot Bar soldering

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Miyachi is the market leader in developing, building and servicing machines for Laser welding, Laser marking and hot bars  as well as customized  Systems

Laser Welder Products

Fiber Laser Welder


Miyachi Europe introduces its LF range of fiber lasers, which offer the precise control needed for fine cutting, small component welding, and penetration welding of metals.

Green Pulse Laser Welder


The new MIYACHI ML-8150A SHG green pulse laser welder is specially designed to weld copper and gold.

CNC Laser Welding


 CNC Laser welding Workstations Glovebox Laser welding Workstations Turnkey solutions Thin Film Laser scribing system

Fiber Laser Marker


Fiber laser marker is designed for high speed laser marking, laser engraving, and laser ablation resulting in high contrast marks on both plastics and metals.          

YAG Laser Welder


The MIYACHI ML-2350A/ML-2351A are Nd YAG laser welders which provide high quality, high speed, and high stability output and enable high-quality welding of various materials.                  

Direct Laser Welder


Direct Laser Welder is perfect solution for plastic welding and for soldering applications            

Laser Marker Products


The MIYACHI ML-7111A laser marker has superior output stability and peak power output in the Q-switch high frequency area. They are suitable for high-precision marking of electronic parts and finely detailed processing of metals.        

Hot Bar Products


These Desktop Pulsed Heat series are part of a line of (semi-) automatic systems developed for Hot bar Soldering, and offer an ideal price-performance (throughput) ratio