RX310 Ruggedized and Weatherproof SDR


  • Ruggedized version of National Instruments (Ettus Research brand) X310 Series Software Defined Radio
  • 302mm wide x 400mm long x 98mm tall
  • Conduction-cooled construction optionally designed to meet MIL 810 for shock/vibration and MIL 461 for EMI
  • IP67 weatherproof sealed unit
  • Other similar National Instruments (NI) small form factor SDR versions are available upon request
  • Customizable I/O options
  • Anti-vandal pushbutton on/off switch
  • Pole-mount and other mounting options available
  • Contact Pixus for ruggedization options for other NI SDRs


The Pixus Technologies RX310 is a ruggedized version of National Instruments (Ettus Research brand) X310 Software Defined Radio. Working with NI, Pixus redesigned the commercial version of the product to create a hardened, sealed, conduction-cooled unit to meet IP67 specifications. The weight of the unit is approximately 20 lbs. There are options to further ruggedize the unit to MIL 810 for shock/vibration and MIL 461 for EMI.

The NI hardware architecture combines two extended bandwidth daughterboard slots covering DC – 6 GHz with up to 120 MHz of baseband bandwidth, multiple high-speed interface options (PCIe, Dual 1/10 GigE), and a large user-programmable Kintex-7 FPGA. The RX310 series can be used in various types of airborne, shipboard, ground vehicle, or outdoor designs. Example
applications include SIG-INT, passive RADAR, Drone Deterrence/ Spoofing and prototyping systems for advanced wireless (WiFi/Cell/MIMO). Contact Pixus for ruggedization inquiries for other SDRs from NI. Visit www.ettusresearch.com for SDR specifications.

SDR I/O Configurations & Power

Pixus offers a standard I/O configuration for the IP67 RX310 (see below) and other SDRs. The modular front and rear faceplates are also customizable. Consult Pixus to discuss your specific requirement. The RX310 comes with a loose connector that can be terminated by the user to the application’s power source (via crimp or solder). For powering the
unit in a lab/test environment, see P/N SPS0006 in the Accessories section. Please note that the MIL rugged version requires modification to the I/O details below.

SDR Ruggedization Levels

The RX310 was initially designed to meet IP67 waterproof specifications in a rugged, conduction-cooled design. The unit standardly meets –20C to 50C temperature ranges with the powerful Kintex FPGA installed. There are options to extend the temp range to +70C with an external fan or with customization. Alternatively, if a lower-power FPGA is selected, the
higher ambient temperature range can also be met.

To meet MIL specifications for shock/vibration, there are modifications required to utilize 38999 connectors and internal bracing. Pixus also offers a light-rugged solution providing –20C to +70C temperature range and transport grade shock/vibration levels in an air-cooled configuration.

The RX310 is a chassis platform for the end customer/integrator to incorporate their software, interface, and mounting options. As such, it is up to the integrator to provide end application testing to the applications’ requirements. Pixus will guarantee that we will meet agreed upon ruggedization levels. Contact Pixus for more details or to discuss co-testing options.

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